What Happened In May 2019

May was a very busy month!

I published new tools and updated some of the existing, on top of the usual development.

Check here the details of what happened, you might want to try some of the new tools or update what you are using.

New Payment Method

You can now pay with credit/debit card, without going to Paypal.

And if you use Paypal you are not required to leave the website.

Published Ghost Stop Loss And Take Profit EA


If you want to keep your stop loss and take profit hidden from your broker try Ghost Stop Loss And Take Profit EA for MT4

Published MT4 Expert Advisor Template

You can now see and learn how to create your own Expert Advisor with this code template.

It will save you hours of research and coding. Check it out.


Updated One Click Trade, One Click Pro And Lot Size Calculator

The font scaling option in Windows 10 causes some indicators and graphical interfaces to not display correctly in MT4, this update allows you to set the font size.

Updated Currency Strength Lines


Currency Strength Lines can now show you the indicator in a different Time Frame.

This can provide even better signals!

Updated Supertrend Multi Time Frame


Supertrend Multi Time Frame can now show you an arrow signal when the time frames are in the same condition.

For any question or feedback feel free to comment or Contact Us.

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