What Happened In April 2019

April was a very busy month!

I published new tools and updated some of the existing, on top of the usual development.

Check here the details of what happened, you might want to try some of the new tools or update what you are using.

Website Migration

The website was migrated to a better hosting, and I must say, it is really better!

The website is much faster to load on both mobile and desktop, I hope you noticed!

Published Trailing Stop Tools


After some good development I published some cool trailing stop tools.

You can now trail the stop loss using different strategies and indicators, find them here.

Published On ForexPeaceArmy

ForexPeaceArmy.com is a popular review website and we are finally in there! If you like the work we are doing please leave us a review. Thank you!

Updated Price Line Alert Indicator


A trader and lover of Price Alert Indicator asked me to improve the mobile notification feature and readability of the lines and labels… and I did!

The mobile notification now includes the comment associated to the alert, so you can identify it better.

I also changed the label and lines to be on top of the candles rather than in the background.

If you use the tool please update it to the new version.

Published One Click Trade PRO


This tool is pretty amazing! And I am not saying it because I created it.

This is the enhanced version of One Click Trade and you should try it.

Published Lot Size Calculator Indicator


Lot size calculator is a tool that will likely save you a lot of time, and if it doesn’t please let me know!

With Lot Size Calculator you can calculate and see the potential of a trade directly on chart. Try it!

For any question or feedback feel free to comment or Contact Us.

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