Time Line Auto Close EA for MT4

If you want to have a tool that will close your trades at a given time then Time Line Auto Close EA for MT4 is what you are looking for! Time Line Auto Close allows you to set a timer or expiry time so that orders will be closed at your desired time.


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What is Time Line Auto Close EA for MT4

Time Line Auto Close is an Expert Advisor designed for MetaTrader 4 to help you manage your orders.

Assume that you want to receive a notification before an event, or you want your orders closed before the release of an important news, with Time Line Auto Close you can set timers that will close some or all of your orders.

This Expert Advisor can be your MetaTrader 4 “Alarm Clock” and also your “Order Timers” depending if you only want to receive notifications or also close your orders.

Timers are represented as vertical lines in the chart, so they are easy to spot. A table will also list your timers so that can identify and change options.


Time Line Auto Close for MT4 Features

Time Line Auto Close have a few options and functionalities, some of them are:

  • Graphical Representation
  • Filtering Option
  • Notifications
  • Auto Close
  • Custom Comments

Graphical Representation

Times are represented as vertical lines in the chart to be easily recognized. A Table will list all the timers with the relevant options so you can set the parameters with only a few clicks.


Filtering Option

You can filter the orders affected by a timer by Type, Magic Number and Order Number. Basically you can set to apply a timer to a specific order or to orders matching your criteria.


You can be notified via on screen Alert, Email and/or Mobile App.


Auto Close

If receiving a notification is not enough you can set the timer to close the matching orders, useful to make sure you don’t have open orders before the release of a news.

Custom Comments

You can specify a custom comment for each timer to know why it was set and to have a sort of description when receiving a notification.

Time Line Auto Close EA for MT4 FREE DOWNLOAD

The Expert Advisor is available free of charge and I hope you will find it useful.

Buy MQLTA Time Line Auto Close trading application in the store of automated robot systems

10 thoughts on “Time Line Auto Close EA for MT4”

    • Hi Kevin,
      There are two small banners in the article that will send you to the download page in the MQL5 market.
      I use MQL5.com to distribute my code so they can take care of deep testing and distribution of updates.
      Let me know if you can’t find it.
      Thank you,

  1. Good day luca, i can’t download it. Is it possible thqt you can send me that to my email or dp you have alternative link to download the EA? Many thanks.

  2. Hi Luca
    Is any way to keep the AUTO CLOSE ENABLE all the time so I don’t have to enable it every time I open the MT4?


    • Hi Niv,
      I preferred not to give that option so that you actually need to enable it to make sure it is working, an easy work around is to leave the EA on chart and enabled and open a different chart to browse price and apply indicators, this will allow the EA to be enabled and active on a parked chart.

  3. Thanks for your reply
    I switch the platform on and off a few times a day and need to enable the EA on each chart every time its unpleasant task.
    I thought that if the EA is permanently enabled by choice is a good idea like the rest of the indicators, EAs and features


  4. Hello, I’m using MT4 on MacBook so MQL5 market place does not work, can you please email me this EA so I can manually add it to my Experts folder?

    Thank you in advance.


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