Price Alert Indicator For MT4

Price Line Alert is an indicator that you will absolutely love. With this indicator you can be notified when the price hits prices that you consider important. MT4 Price Line Alert Indicator sends notifications to your Mobile App, Email or just on screen.

What is Price Line Alert for MT4

Price Line Alert is an Indicator for MetaTrader 4 that allows you to configure different levels of alert.

Assume that you want to be notified when the price goes above a level of resistance, below a level of support or if it hits any price that you consider important, with Price Line Alert for MT4 you can be informed of these events.

MetaTrader 4 does not offer this feature out of the box so I decided to integrate it and share it with you.

We call the indicator Price Line Alert because it draws the alert levels in the chart as horizontal lines, this allows you to spot them easily.


Price Line Alert for MT4 Features

Price Line Alert is a very simple tool but at the same time so useful for a trader. With a few clicks you are able to configure notifications and receive alerts when the price hits some selected values.

We can highlight in particular:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Multiple levels of alert
  • Notifications via pop-up/sound, email, mobile app
  • Levels can be enabled when necessary
  • Custom comment

Easy to Use Interface

Although including several functions, we tried to keep the interface as simple as possible and hovering on a section will show its function.


Multiple Levels of Alert

You can set several alerts and receive notifications at different prices, the coloured horizontal lines in the chart are the representation of all the levels, so that they are easy to see.

Notifications via Popup, Email and Mobile App

There are three types of notifications:popup/sound on screen, email and mobile App. Please note that it is a prerequisite for email and app notifications that you configure the email section and the notifications section in the MetaTrader options.


Levels Enable/Disabled

You can create “dormient” levels and leave them disabled until you need them, these levels have a grey color on the chart, meaning that they are not active.


Custom Comment

You can specify a different comment for each level, this way you can remember what is the notification for.

FREE DOWNLOAD Price Line Alert Indicator for MT4

Yes, FREE, You can download Price Line Alert for MT4 for free because I know you will make a good use of it!

If you like the indicator or have any question please do not hesitate to leave a comment below or Contact Us.

31 thoughts on “Price Alert Indicator For MT4”

  1. Absolutely amazing indicator! Exactly what I was looking for and works extremely well.
    Only problem is that to install it on a mac was extremely difficult however I eventually worked out a way of getting it installed.

    I have almost nothing bad to say about the actual indicator. If I was to be pedantic, the lines and text are behind the candlestick as opposed to in the foreground and moving the control box scrolls the screen but apart from that fantastic!

    Is there anywhere I can get in touch with you? An email or something?

    • Thank you,
      I appreciate the feedback.
      Unfortunately I don’t work with Mac and I can’t support it but I am glad you were able to install it!
      Label in foreground: by default they go in the background but I can move them to foreground if you prefer.
      Chart scrolling: yes I know that is annoying, I actually stopped implementing the drag drop move in other tools, I might remove it from this as well as there is already the Horizontal and Vertical Offset to set the position.
      You can contact me in the Contact Us page if you want, that will go to my email.

  2. Good day
    Just one question. can we have multiple alerts on several pairs in the same time or it just 1 one pair at the time.

    Thank you

    • Hi Chris,
      You can certainly have multiple alerts for multiple pairs at the same time.
      To do that open a separate chart for every pair you want to monitor and mount the Price Alert Indicator on the separate charts, each indicator will monitor one chart/pair
      Hope it helps

  3. Good day Luca,

    thank you It works perfectly on multiple pairs. That is very nice. in addition it works by email, sms.
    wow. heads up for you Sir. I hope it will work forever…. 🙂
    Kind regards

    • I am not planning to discontinue this tool and I intend to leave it available for free as people seem to love it.

    • You can find the the Crossover alert in the indicators section, this one is just to alert when a price level is hit

  4. HI Luca

    im wondering if you can set the indoctor to alert when price hit certaain moving average like 50, 200 and 800EMA.

  5. Hello Luca.

    I have been on a hunt a hunt for an indicator of this nature for a very long time. However I cannot seem to download this indi, as there is constantly a popup noting invalid email address.

    Kindly assist

    • Hello,
      Please verify the email address, there might be something wrong there, otherwise contact me via support forum and I will have you to send some screenshots of the issue

  6. Hi

    I have tried to drag the indicator onto a chart, but nothing happens. I’m using MT4 on Windows 10, and any other EA’s work fine. Any ideas?


  7. My bad, I thought it was an EA, it’s actually an indicator. I have it working now, and from what I can see it looks like it will be amazing, very happy with it, just need to figure out how to use it properly

    Thank you

  8. Hi

    Is it possible to have the alert lines reset after they have been hit and the price dips back below them? I noticed that the lines turn grey once hit

      • Thanks, but I mean, is it possible to prevent it from being disabled, like after hitting it, maybe reactivate it once it has passed about 5 points back below the line, so if it approaches it again it is approaching from a reasonable amount, rather than every tick (which would prevent it from alerting every second.


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