One Click Trading EA for MT4

Metatrader 4 is definitely a great platform for trading but it has some limitations. In some cases traders want to have a quick way to place orders with perhaps some default settings. To fill this gap I created the Expert Advisor One Click Trading for MT4.

What is One Click Trading EA for MT4?

One Click Trade is an Expert Advisor (EA), or in other words a plugin for MetaTrader 4 similar to an indicator.

An Expert Advisor however is also able to submit and execute order operations.

One Click Trade For MT4 is an EA that allows you to submit orders with only a few clicks.

You must be thinking “I can already do that in MetaTrader” and it is actually true, however One Click Trade provides some more features.

It is very common when trading to use strategies that always place the stop loss a certain amount of pips away.

It is also common when using trading automation and Expert Advisors to use a Magic Number to identify orders submitted by an EA.

MetaTrader 4 does not allow you to submit orders associating them with a Magic Number in its graphical interface.

Also, it does not allow you to submit orders with stop loss and take profit expressed in pips.

One Click Trading EA for MT4 can do what Metatrader 4 can’t.


One Click Trading EA for MT4 Features

The Expert Advisor One Click Trading includes some very useful features that I am sure will make your trading easier.

These are some of the features:

  • Intuitive graphical interface
  • Unique interface for market and pending orders
  • Recommended position size
  • Stop loss and Take profit by price or by pips
  • Magic Number and Comment
  • Auto-screenshot
  • List of open and pending orders

In particular we can see what each one does.

If you look for more features please consider One Click Trade PRO for MT4.

One Click Trading EA for MT4 Intuitive Graphical Interface

The user interface is very simple and the aim is to not confuse you. Hovering on a button or section shows you its function.


Unique Interface for Market and Pending Orders

From the graphical interface you can select to submit a market order or a pending order, no need to close or go to another window.


Recommended Position Size

If you set rules for risk management, for example risk 2% or Equity, One Click Trading EA for MT4 can show you the recommended position size depending on the Stop Loss. Risk Management matters!


One Click Trading EA for MT4 Stop Loss and Take Profit by Price or Pips

Before submitting the order you can set Stop Loss and Take Profit as prices or in pips distance from the open price. This makes it easier for all those strategies with a fixed SL and TP.

One Click Trading EA for MT4 Magic Number and Comment

You can associate a Magic Number and a Comment for each order that you are submitting, this is very important to distinguish orders between strategies.


If enabled in the options, One Click Trading takes a screenshot automatically each time you submit an order. This feature simplifies your task of orders recording.


List of Open and Pending Orders

MetaTrader 4 already shows you the list of open orders but it doesn’t include the Magic Number.

One Click Trading EA for MT4 shows you the list of open orders and their associated Magic Numbers, this is useful when you have Expert Advisors running and you want to identify orders submitted by them.


One Click Trade EA for MT4 FREE DOWNLOAD

If you are looking for a Trade Manager with even more options please check this out.

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You can download the indicator for free in the above link, or click the page to have more details about the installation.

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10 thoughts on “One Click Trading EA for MT4”

  1. Dear Luca,

    i’m excited about your EA “One Click Trade”.

    Could you please help me: It does not work to show me “recommended Size (Lots)” although i put in the parameter values “Default % of Risc” and “Default Risc calculation base” BALANCE.

    It does not work even i changed these parametes.

    Thx in advance.


    • Hi Werner,
      Did you also set the stop loss distance or price?
      Recommended size only works if you set a stop loss

  2. Dear luca,
    ea is good and very helpful, it would be better if the risk is added in the form of usd only, so that more consistent risk calculations

  3. Seems like it could be a good tool but it is missing a few things. I am using a percentage based on the size of my account. Also, I am using DTR to count the lot size. So if I am willing to risk 0.25 percent of my account per trade based on DTR the lot sizes for GBP pairs will be different from EUR pairs.


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