MT4 And MT5 Virtual Private Server – VPS

VPS is a topic that you may be interested in if you use Expert Advisors and Automated Trading. Here you will see what is a Virtual Private Server (VPS) for MT4 and MT5 and its advantages.


What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, if we look at the words we can easily understand what it is:

  • Server, is a server system, a computer with server functions
  • Private, because it is private, which means only you can access it
  • Virtual, well, it is virtual, so it is actually not phisical, it is like a software

So a Virtual Private Server is a virtual server operating system that only you can access and use.

To use a more friendly language, A VPS is a virtual computer always connected to the internet for you to use.

You can create your own private server at home if you have a spare computer with some good hardware.

When we talk about Virtual Private Server in a bigger environment we mean a VPS hosted by some other company.

What basically happens is, a company has hardware and network connectivity and you can rent the use of one or more VPS, so you pay for a service.

The majority of the companies will allow you to tailor the specifications of your server to your needs, so you can decide how many core to use, how much memory and storage and so on.

VPS is a great service that can save you money and time!

What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS) For MT4 And MT5

A VPS for MT4 and MT5 is a Virtual Private Server that is used for Forex trading purposes.

These kind of VPS are usually tailored to host instances of Metatrader or other trading software.

VPS are ideal in Forex trading when you want to run automated trading using Expert Advisors or Trading Signals Providers.

You can install your trading software on a VPS, MT4 or MT5, or both, or anything else you use, and let it run all day, and night, every day.

Many Brokers offer VPS to their clients, sometimes as paid service and other times free of charge if the trader meets some trading requirements.

Usign a VPS to trade Forex has many advantages and some disadvantages.


Advantages of using a VPS in Forex

Having a Forex VPS in your toolbox will give you many advantages.

24/7 Uptime and Reliable Connectivity

VPS are designed to be online 24/7 and the VPS host usually guarantees and uptime above 99% of the time.

Faster Orders And Response Time

Some trading strategies are highly reliable on the speed of which they get data and submit orders.

VPS host usually are located in datacentres close to the brokers or together with the brokers.

They also have fast network connectivity, resulting in faster speed and response.

High Performance

VPS usually have performances above a normal personal computer, you can also customise and add resource if needed.

Accessible From Anywhere

You can access your Virtual Private Server from basically everywhere.

You just need a computer and a network connection.

Save Money In Hardware

You don’t need to buy any heavy server, the VPS host has it covered.

Save Money In Licenses

You won’t need to pay the license for the operating system, the VPS host has it covered.

Save money in maintenance

The VPS host will look after the maintenance required to keep your server up and running.

As you can see the advantages are many and significant.

Disadvantages of using a VPS in Forex

Unfortunately using a VPS has also some disadvantages.

Paid service

VPS is a paid service, so even if you are saving costs in hardware, licensing and maintenance you will have to pay for the service.

Not Always Customisable

Some brokers and some VPS hosts do not offer many customisations for your VPS, especially in terms of storage.

Best VPS For MT4 And MT5

There are too many variable to consider in order to establish the best VPS for MT4 and MT5.

The following a two VERY GOOD options that I feel comfortable in recommending considering I already used them.

They are a great compromise between, affordability, options, support, features.

You can decide the “power” of the VPS and also the location in both of them.

Click on their logos and try them out, they have offers and deals for new customers very often.

One is Vultr and the other is FXVM.



If you are using a MT4 or MT5 Expert Advisor or Indicator that requires constant connection a VPS is the solution for you.

A VPS is a virtual computer that you can rent to use so that your Metatrader client is always active.

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