MQL4 Close All Orders

Orders Management is a fundamental task when working with Trading Tools and Expert Advisors. In some cases, especially when some risk management trigger is hit, you might want to close all the open orders. In this article we will see the code MQL4 Close All Orders. A script that can close all the open orders automatically. MQL4 Close All Orders

MQL4 Close All Orders

When programming an Expert Advisor we should all have measures to protect us from big losses. Risk Management is a fundamental pillar of an EA. It is necessary to set rules so that your EA can close all the orders if some condition is met. We can see for example the following:
  • A group of orders hit the take profit
  • The cumulative loss of open orders causes the equity or the margin to go under a specific threshold
  • There is a scheduled report coming out that could heavily impact prices
  • An unexpected event is causing sudden changes in the exchange rates
These are only some situations that can push you to close all the open orders immediately. You can do that with some code if you want. We already saw in another article how to use the OrderClose function, that can close an individual order. In this article we want to see how to use it to Close all the orders with a custom function. The following MQL4 Close All Orders function can close all the open orders in the same run. The login of the function is:
  1. Update the prices
  2. Using a loop scan all the orders
  3. If the order is open then get the details
  4. Close the order using the correct price
  5. Check if the operation was successful for each order and in case it wasn’t return an error
The function is not very complex and it can even be improved with further filters. For example you might want to apply some of the following filters:
  • Close only orders in profit
  • Close only orders in loss
  • Close only orders for a specific pair
  • Close only orders with a specific Magic Number
  • Other Filters
I used the above function in many of my Expert Advisors…

 MQL4 Close All Orders Conclusion

With the help of the above code hopefully you can create your own script to close all the orders with your desired settings. MQL4 Close All Orders is surely useful in many situation to protect your investment.

If you want to save hours of research and coding and you want to see some professional code check this out! You can use it to build your own EA!

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