If You Want A VPS

Are you looking for a hosting for your Trading Robot? That is absolutely Fantastic!

If you are confused on what is a VPS you can read this article about it.


There are so many VPS providers out there, I personally spent so many hours looking for a good solution for my robots and in the end I chose narrowed down the choice to two of them:

FXVM and Vultr are amazing and they satisfied the criteria for the choice:

  • Affordable price, they have different options in terms of resources so you can choose the most suitable for you
  • Cheap Test, you can test their servers for a very cheap price, it will give you an idea about what to expect
  • Location, they have several locations around the world so you can choose where your VPS will be located
  • Made for Forex, FXVM is offering services tailored to Forex Traders while Vultr is so versatile that can satisfy traders as well
  • Support, I had to contact the support a couple of times and I was very happy with the outcome and speed of resolution

If you are looking to a hosting solution I would suggest to give it a try. Visit them: FXVM and Vultr.

If this is not what you look for please let me know with the Contact Us form.

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