How To Run Reliable Backtests

When working with trading automation and trading robots backtesting is one of the most important steps to perform.

Backtesting basically means to test how a tool, whether an Indicator or an EA, would have performed in the past.

After a lot of time spent researching for a reliable and free (or affordable) source of historical data I finally find a tool that has significantly helped me.

In the article How To Achieve 99% Modelling Quality I go through how to achieve reliable backtests in MT4 and MT5 in full details, but briefly, the following tool is the one that cna help you, A LOT!

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Free Historical Data

Free historical data for the an extended list of trading products, including currencies, commodities, indexes, stocks and more

Data For MT4 And MT5

The historical data can be downloaded in a compatible format for both Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5

High Quality Data

The historical data comes from Dukascopy, one of the most reliable sources and brokers

Years Of Data

Tickstory makes available several years of data in order to compensate for the lack of historical data by your broker

99% Modelling Quality In MT4 And MT5

The historical data and system provided by Tickstory allow the trader to obtain 99% Modelling Quality in MT4 and MT5

Exceptional Support

Tickstory customer service always focus on providing a fast and excellent customer support

Premium Version Available

Tickstory makes available most if its functions in the FREE version, for advanced features there is also a paid version

If this is not what you are looking for feel free to Contact Us.

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