How To Make Money Online

How does it sound the idea of making money without having to go to the office? How does it sound the idea of flexibility and comfort of working from home? Or from anywhere in the the world! In this article I will show you how to make money online and some of the ways (legal ways of course!) to make achieve the goal.


Making Money Online

Making money online is the dream of many people, there are in fact many advantages, some can be:

  • Comfort of working from home
  • Flexibility of your working hours
  • Ability to work from anywhere in the world (where there is an internet connectivity)
  • Audience that you can reach, worldwide!
  • Limitless possibilities

Each one of us has their own reasons but the fact is, making money online is always appealing! You can do it as a part-time or full time job and in many cases it could also be a passive income. I talk more about passive income in the article How to create a passive income, in this article we will stick on how to make money online.


How to Make Money Online

Internet is huge and full of opportunities, there are many ways of making money online and I am going to list some of the most popular. I will avoid listing all of the ways as some are not very effective, I will focus more on methods that can actually generate a decent income.


Online Gambling


Not the safest way of making money but if you are lucky or if you have skills you probably can win some money. There is plenty of Casino online, the registration is easy and usually they offer a generous bonus to new clients. Be careful as you can lose everything you deposit, you are gambling after all.


Work From Home

Maybe you like having a secure income as employee, why not working as employee from the net then? You may find an employer that don’t mind having “Remote Workers”. There are portals dedicate to this kind of job seekers and employers.


Become a Freelancer

macbook-577758_640Becoming a freelancer is a great way of making money online. You will work at your own pace and from wherever you want, and obviously you will get paid for the tasks that you complete.

Some ideal professions that can be easily performed as online freelancer are:

  • Digital Marketer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Designer
  • Developer
  • Content Writer

There are many portals for freelancers, one of the most popular to start can is


Review Digital Content

Did you know that you can get paid for reviewing digital content? Yes you can! You can review internet sites, books, music, art, products and much more and get paid for your effort.


Write and Publish Digital Content

If you are an expert in something maybe you should think about writing an ebook or creating a course. These are perfect ways of passive income as well, once the product is created they will give you a passive income without you to do anything.

If you want some example of ebooks you can have a look at Amazon. Or if you want to know more about online courses you can check Udemyicon which is very popular.




Sell Your Photos

If you are a photographer, either a professional or an amateur, you can sell your photos online. Bang, some money into your wallet doing what you like!


Sell Items on eBay

eBay is the most popular website to sell items online, you can sell stuff that you don’t use anymore or you can start a business and sell proper products.


Trading Online

Trading online is one of my favourite methods of making money online, in fact I built a website around it.

Trading is not as easy as other ways, you need to be skilled and gain the necessary experience to be profitable. On the other side trading can earn you a lot of money and it can also be partially passive if you use some trading automation.

I talk more about trading online in the article How to Make Money Trading Forex and if you are interested in trading I strongly suggest you to check Your Path to Make Money Trading the Forex.


Create a Website or Blog

If you are an expert in something or if you have a hobby or interest you can start your own website or blog. Once you become popular you can also sell your products or be paid for advertising. This is pretty cool considering you work on something that you like and do anyway.

You can find out out to start a blog or website and monetise it with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.



Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing can be part of creating your own website but it has become so popular that it deserves its own section.

Affiliate Marketing is basically you promoting the products of someone else, and being paid a commission in case of sales. Setup an Affiliate Marketing website has been one of the most used ways of making money online in the last few years.

If this sounds interesting read my article about Wealthy Affiliate or check them out directly, they will give you a better idea if this is suitable for you.


Youtube Videos

You surely have used Youtube to watch any type of videos but have you ever posted a video? You must know that if you can be paid for advertising depending on how many people watch your videos.

You can publish pranks, courses, recipes, workouts, tricks, your pets, or anything you can imagine (in the limit of laws of course) and if your videos will trend, hello money!


Becoming an Influencer

Similar to Youtube videos but more oriented to other social media, for example instagram.

An Influencer is a person which is passionate and expert of something, posting regularly advices, comments, reviews, suggestions and showing their expertise, Influencers become authorities in their field. Being an authority you will be approached by other people that are seeking promotion and you will get paid for promoting their products or services.


Create an App


Creating an App can be life changing, many apps have made their creators rich, and you could be the next. Unfortunately it is hard to invent something that is not already out there in the market but maybe you have a good idea and it could work. Once you have an idea you can either learn to code an app or pay someone to code it for you.



Making money online is not hard, if you have an idea, motivation and commitment you can be successful. As you can see there are many ways to create an income online and I am sure some of those can be suitable for you.

Some ways to make money online are also ways of generating a passive income and if this is what you are after you can read the article How to Generate a Passive Income.


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