How To Configure Alerts And Notifications In Metatrader

Many indicators and experts advisors include some alert and notification feature. In this article you can see how to configure Metatrader MT4 and MT5 and enable the notifications for most of MQL4TradingAutomation tools.

Types Of Notifications In Metatrader

First of all it is important to define the types of notifications available on the Metatrader MT4 and MT5 platform.

There are three types of alerts:

  • Alert notifications, they are the most simple and easy notifications, they consist in a simple Metatrader popup window showing up on screen with a usually short message. This notification usually includes a sound as well
  • Email notifications, you can have your Metatrader client to send an email to an email address, this type of notification is useful when you want to notify a long text or many details
  • Mobile notifications, this is a notification from the Metatrader client to a mobile that has the Metatrader App installed, mobile notifications have a limit of 160 characters

It is important to understand that notifications can only work if the Metatrader client is running and connected to the internet.

1. Configure Metatrader MT4 or MT5

The first step to configure alerts for Metatrader MT4 and MT5 is to configure the client.

To configure the client go to the Tools menu and then Options.


Of the following settings you only need to configured the ones that you intend to use, for example if you are not going to use Email notifications you can skip that parameters.

Alert Notifications

Alert notifications are enabled by default, however, if you wish to change the sound used for these alerts you can do so in the Events tab.


Emails Notifications

To enable Emails notifications you need to configure Metatrader with the relevant email server. Depending on the email provider that you use (Yahoo, Gmail and so on) you might need to search for the correct server.

Usually a search for “your provider” SMTP Server should give a good result.

Also in the configuration you you can set which email address the notifications are sent from and the recipient address, they can also be the same.

Make sure to Enable the feature, provide the parameters and then check that the test is successful.


Mobile Notifications

Mobile notifications also needs to be enabled in the Options, this also requires an additional step.

In the Tools>Options>Notifications you will need to enable Push Notifications and insert the MetaQuotes ID.

You will need to download and install the Metatrader App for your phone, either Android or iOS.

Once the Metatrader Mobile App is installed you can retrieve the Metaquotes ID from it as instructed in the Notifications tab.

Once configured you can send a test to check that it works.


Enable Alerts For MQL4TradingAutomation Tools

Once you have configured the parameters for the type of notifications that you want to use then you can enable the notifications in the MQL4TradingAutomation Tool.

Most of the tools that you find on this website have a Notification Options section in the indicator parameters.

You can use that section to enable and disable notifications for that specific indicator.


Enable Notifications Feature

See this as the master switch of the notifications feature.

If you want to use any type of notification in the indicator you need to set this as true.

If this parameters is false you won’t have notifications even if the set true next to the individual notification type.

Send Alert Notification

If you want to see the popup notification and sound this has to be set as true.

Send Notification via Mobile

If you want to received Push notifications on your mobile this needs to be true, the notification will be sent to the mobile configured earlier.

Send Notification via Email

If you want to get email notifications this needs to be true, the email will be sent to the email address configured in the email parameters earlier.

Wait Time Between Notifications

To avoid having too many notification close to each other you can set a wait time between notifications.

This is the number of minutes between two consecutive notifications, for this instance of the indicator.


You have now configured your Metatrader client with notification settings and can now enable your tools to notify you on screen, via email or mobile app.

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