MT5 MA Ribbon With Alert

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What Is The Ribbon Indicator

The Ribbon indicator is a simple tool to spot a possible trend.

Ribbon indicator is basically a group of moving averages of different periods.

It is very similar to the Alligator indicator, but better.

The indicator shows multiple moving averages in order to determine the trend of an instrument.

It can be used a either Entry Signal, Exit Signal or trailing stop, so it is very versatile.




MT5 MA Ribbon Alert Indicator

The Metatrader 5 platform does not include a multiple Moving Average between its indicators, so I decided to create one.

The Moving Average Ribbon indicator can be loaded on a MT5 chart to show a series of 8 moving averages separated by a fixed period.

This indicator can be also known as, multiple moving averages, ribbon indicator, sometime rainbow indicator.

For example, you want to start from an Exponential Moving Average of period 10 and see the eight subsequent moving averages separated by a period 5.

The Ribbon indicator will draw the following:

  • EMA(10)
  • EMA(15)
  • EMA(20)
  • EMA(25)
  • EMA(30)
  • EMA(35)
  • EMA(40)
  • EMA(45)




You can choose in the options:

  • Starting Period
  • Type of Moving Average
  • Applied Price
  • Period of increment

You can also be notified when either

  • The faster moving averages are above (or below) the slower
  • The candle close above (or below) all of the moving averages

These signals can be used depending on your strategies, but possibly can be entry, exit or trailing stops.

This indicator allows you to receive alerts when the Ribbon alerts. You can receive notifications via:

  • Email
  • Mobile App
  • On Screen




Another interesting feature of the MT5 MA Ribbon Alert Indicator is that it can draw Buy and Sell signals in the shape of arrows when the crossover happens.




MT5 MA Ribbon Alert Indicator Installation

To install the MT5 Indicator please follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the indicator file
  2. Open the Metatrader Data Folder (In File > Open Data Folder)
  3. Open the MQL5 Folder
  4. Copy the file in the Indicators Folder
  5. Restart Metatrader

For more detailed instruction on how to perform the installation please visit this article.


Please feel free to leave a feedback regarding the indicator or Contact Us for anything else.



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