MT4 Multi Time Frame Indicators Package

MT4 Multi Time Frame Indicators is a package including all the indicators of the Multi Time Frame category. If you like working with multi time frame indicators you don’t want to miss this.


What Does Multi Time Frame Mean?

Multi Time Frame means that you can see the status of an indicator in a time frame that is not the same of the chart where you are.

Normally Metatrader shows you the value of an indicator for the time frame of the chart you open.

With a Multi Time Frame Indicator you can see the value of the indicator for another time frame.

For example, you are in a H1 chart of EURUSD and you have a Stochastic indicator open, this calculates the value of the stochastic in H1.

But what if you want to know if the pair or asset is oversold or overbought in another time frame without changing the chart?

A multi time frame indicator can show you the indicator status and value for another time frame.



Why Use A Multi Time Frame Indicator In MT4?

Checking an indicator in only one time frame is usually very limiting.

In fact, often you might check an indicator in a time frame for then discover that the situation in a longer time frame is different.

For example if you check an RSI indicator in a M30 chart you could see that the price is an oversold area.

However, checking the H4 chart you see that the price is instead in an overbought area.

Having the ability to see from one place how an indicator is behaving in another time frame provides some advantages.

When entering or exiting a trade can be beneficial to have an idea of the overall situation of the asset or instrument.



MT4 Multi Time Frame Indicators Package

This package includes all the Multi Time Frame Indicators in this list:

  • Supertrend Multi Time Frame
  • Moving Average Multi Time Frame
  • RSI Multi Time Frame
  • Stochastic Multi Time Frame
  • PSAR Multi Time Frame
  • MACD Multi Time Frame

It is a great deal because you can have all of them without having to purchase separately, AND, it is cheaper!

These indicators allow you to see in one chart their status in all the time frames.

All the indicators include notification features to receive alerts when the indicators satisfy some conditions.

This can improve your trading and reactivity.


You can test the indicators individually with their demo versions.




  • Useful Tools.

    Thank you for all these good indicators! I prefer, out of this Indicator bundle package, the ‘MT4 RSI Multi Time Frame’ and the MT4 MACD Multi Time Frame’ for my own ‘Trading Plan’ that consists of many different individual trading ‘strategies’ altogether. -And the ‘MT4 MA Multi Time Frame Indicator’ because it’s helpful to have something in the background on the charts, so your not just looking at a Blank chart, and you can easily see a General Market Trend Direction with the recent price bars/ candlesticks on your own chart. Thank you again for your time and services. Regards.

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