MT4 Move Stop To Break Even

Trailing Stop is a very popular practice in the Trading Environment. With the MT4 Move Stop To Break Even you can have your orders Stop Loss move to the break even point when the price is far enough.


What Is The MT4 Move Stop To Break Even EA

MT4 Move Stop To Break Even EA is an expert advisor that can manage your orders Stop Loss.

In particular, this Expert Advisor can detect when the price is at a minimum distance from the open price and move the stop to break even.

In many cases you might want to increment the stop loss of a specific value when the price is far away from the current stop.

This is kind of a Trailing Stop Loss but instead of continuously trailing it only moves it once.





Why Is The MT4 Move Stop To Break Even EA Useful

Risk Management is one of the most important aspect in trading.

Having a Stop Loss will protect you from margin calls and big losses.

In many cases it is useful to have a trailing stop, which is a “moving stop”.

A Trailing Stop is a Stop Loss where the value is updated when the price move in the favor of the trade.

There are many types of Trailing Stop, it can be a fixed step change or follow some indicator.

In the case of MT4 Move Stop To Break Even Expert Advisor the Stop Loss follows the price with a fixed increment.

There are several advantages of using MT4 Fixed Step Trailing Stop EA:

  1. Filtering options to select which trades to manage
  2. The Stop Loss follows the price when moving in the favor of the trade
  3. It doesn’t require human interaction
  4. Limit Losses
  5. Avoid Margin Calls
  6. Notifications when the Stop Loss is updated


How To Download And Use Trailing Stop EA

You can Download the Expert Advisor with the link at the bottom of this page and install it following the below instructions.

The installation is very easy to perform, same is the use.

Once you run the Expert Advisor you can set the necessary parameters.

Make sure you enable the Live Trading in the MT4 Options or the EA will not be able to trade.




MT4 Fixed Step Trailing Stop EA Installation

To install the EA please follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the EA file
  2. Open the Metatrader Data Folder (In File > Open Data Folder)
  3. Open the MQL4 Folder
  4. Copy the file in the Experts
  5. Restart Metatrader

For more detailed instruction on how to perform the installation please visit this article.


Please feel free to leave a feedback regarding the indicator or Contact Us for anything else.




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