MT4 Box Breakout Alert

Download MT4 Box Breakout Alert Indicator For Free so you can be notified via Email, App and On Screen when the price break above or below a previous high or low.


What Is The Box Breakout Alert Indicator

Breakout strategies are very popular among traders.

They consist in buying an asset when this breaks above a value or sell when the price breaks below a value.

This value can be a trend line, a previous high, a moving average or another indicator.

In the version of Box Breakout, the trader draws a box containing the highs and lows in the previous candles.

So number of candles considered is the main parameter of the indicator.

This is usually done manually but in this page you can find something that can help.




MT4 Box Breakout Alert Indicator

As a trader, you might find useful to have a tool that alerts you when a Box Breakout happens.

Through the Box Breakout Indicator you can:

  • Set the number of candles for the box
  • Set if drawing arrows to signal the breakout
  • Enable or disable notifications

The indicator will scan the chart in the past to see if there were breakouts and signal them on chart if you enable the arrows.

This can help in seeing visually if the pair or asset could be profitable with breakout strategies.

The indicator automatically finds highs and lows in the charts and also notifies you when there is a current breakout.

Due to the indicator being dynamic it doesn’t draw the boxes, instead it only draws the signals.

You can receive notifications via:

  • Email
  • Mobile App
  • On Screen









MT4 Box Breakout Indicator Source Code

If you are interested in seeing the source code of the indicator and to see what I use to build my indicators please check out my MT4 Alert Indicator Template.




MT4 Box Breakout Alert Indicator Installation

To install the indicator please follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the indicator file
  2. Open the Metatrader Data Folder (In File > Open Data Folder)
  3. Open the MQL4 Folder
  4. Copy the file in the Indicators Folder
  5. Restart Metatrader

For more detailed instruction on how to perform the installation please visit this article.


Please feel free to leave a feedback regarding the indicator or Contact Us for anything else.



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