Download – EA-StochThresholds_v1-0.mq4

EA-StochThresholds_v1-0.mq4 is an Expert Advisors with very simple rules, it opens orders when the Stochastic Oscillator crosses the lover or upper threshold.

Entry Signal:

  • Buy when the stochastic oscillator crosses the lower threshold from below
  • Sell when the stochastic oscillator crosses the upper threshold from the top

Exit Signal:

  • Reach the Take Profit or Stop Loss
  • Close Buy if the upper threshold is reached
  • Close Sell if the lower threshold is reached







Once you download the script you need to:

  • Copy the mq4 file in the Metatrader data folder > MQL4 > Experts
  • Open the file with Metaeditor
  • Compile the file
  • Restart Metatrader
  • The Script can now be run


If you are interested in building your own Expert Advisor or know more about how to do it check my MT4 Expert Advisor Template.



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