Book Review – Growing the Money Tree

Growing The Money Tree is not only about Currency Trading, the book is more about what you want to achieve and some tools to achieve financial freedom. You first need to decide what is your final goal and then take the path to reach it. Forex is one of the tools that possibly helps in the achievement of financial freedom and the author gives you the basic knowledge required and an introduction to some uncommon strategy to adopt.





Growing the Money Tree Cover

Title: Growing The Money Tree: Financial Freedom One Leaf At A Time

Published: June 2013

Author: John Svazic

Suitable for:

  • Experienced Traders looking for new ideas
  • Traders with programming language knowledge
  • Traders that think they have read everything out there

Main Topics:

  • Genetic Algorithms
  • Trading Automation
  • Personal Finance


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In this book you can find some uncommon topics regarding strategies and financial freedom. The book is divided in three parts that cover different areas.

PART 1: The first part is an introduction to Forex Trading, the author explains some of the necessary fundamentals a beginner needs to know. As you can expect from a book about Forex the following are covered: what is Forex, terminology used, some basic indicators like trend lines, moving averages and oscillators. The section continues with an example of 20 days of trading a specific strategy and closing with an overview about alternatives to Forex. The 20 day trading “story” is pretty interesting for a beginner as it covers also some important aspects of a trader’s psychology.

PART 2: This part is the real innovative topic comparing to other Forex books, the subject here is Genetic Algorithms. Unfortunately if you are not interested in trading automation or computer programming probably you will not enjoy this section. The authors explains what are Genetic Algorithms how they work and how they can help improving trading strategies. You can find in this part also a real example of Genetic Algorithm written in Python programming language.

PART 3: In the last part the writer tells you his personal experience, how he started, his early difficulties and mistakes and the switch to genetic algorithms. He also explains how he grows his money tree and some good practice of money management.

Writing Style

“Growing the Money Tree” is written with a very friendly style, is like the author is speaking directly to the reader, making the reading very easy. All the topics are explained very well and although Genetic Algorithms are a complex topic you will be able to understand their theory and basic application.


It is very hard to define a value for this book, some readers may consider this book rubbish while others absolutely love it. The introduction to Forex Trading is only an introduction, the details provided are not enough to suggest this book to absolute beginners. On the other hand if you already have a good basic knowledge of Currency Trading you will probably find in the book some stimulating idea or at least a different point of view. Lastly, a small part of the book is about programming language, Python to be more specific, if you have no knowledge about computer programming you will find this part difficult or a total waste.


“Growing The Money Tree: Financial Freedom One Leaf At A Time” is not the usual Forex book. What you will find in this book is an introduction to Forex and the experience of a man who uses Forex trading to grow his money tree. The book also explains why it is important to define your goal and the planning to achieve it. The main focus is on a not very popular tool: Genetic Algorithms, what they are and how to apply them to strategies. I wouldn’t recommend it to an absolute beginner but if you are interested in trading automation, programming languages and genetic algorithms you will surely enjoy this book. Not a mandatory piece of literature for your Forex education but definitely an interesting read.


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