Bollinger Bands Breakout Alert Indicator For MT4

The Bollinger Bands indicator is very well known by traders. Is one of the indicators always available in the Metatrader 4 platform, however, there is an issue. Metatrader 4 doesn’t have any function to alert the trader about a breakout. This is why I created the Bollinger Bands Breakout Alert Indicator for MT4.


What Is The Bollinger Bands Breakout Alert Indicator For MT4

Many traders rely on the Bollinger Bands as a tool to confirm entry and exit signals. Also Many strategies are based on Bollinger Bands Breakouts, Bounces and so on.

The problem with Metatrader 4 is that it doesn’t have a system to alert the trader when a breakout of the bollinger bands happens.

To fill this gap I created the Bollinger Bands Breakout Alert Indicator for MT4. This indicator is like a simple Bollinger Bands Indicator but including a notification system. You can be alerted via alert on screen, email and mobile App if there is a breakout of the Bollinger Bands.

The Bollinger Bands Alert Indicator can notify you in case of a price break out or when the price returns in the bands after a breakout.

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Bollinger Bands Breakout Alert Indicator Parameters

The Bollinger Bands Breakout Alert Indicator for MT4 has very few parameters so that it can be useful as well as easy to use.

The only parameters to set are the basic settings for the Bollinger Bands and how you would like to be notified. The notification happens only once per candle in case the breakout happens.



This indicator is a simple yet useful indicator that you can integrate in your trading, don’t miss out!

Please feel free to leave a comment with a feedback or question and Contact Us for anything else.

20 thoughts on “Bollinger Bands Breakout Alert Indicator For MT4”

  1. Hi,
    I have been looking something like and this indicator is powerful.
    I would be happy if the alerts could be triggered if the below condition are meant.

    1. if the current candle candlestick closed outside the Bollinger Band, it must issue the warning of possibility of the reversal on the next candle stick.
    2. if the next candlestick open outside the Bollinger Band and closed inside the band, the arrow must be indicated (Buy/Sell).

    Note: what i have noticed with the Candlestick closing outside and opening outside and closing inside, there are 95% percent of the market to reverse back.

    I hope this information will help alot.

    • The indicator has an option to alert on breakout and another option to alert for the pull back, please check the parameters

  2. Thank you Luca Spinello, its very great indi and effort by you to help others trader to know when alerts pop up on phone, very outstanding work

  3. Hi Luca, thanks for this MT4 Bollinger Bands breakout alerts indicator and would it be possible to add or include first indicator’s data to the band’s applied price as one of the options.


  4. Hi Luca,
    Please advise what I might be doing wrong here as this fantastic indicator would not refresh until after I move from one time frame to another and it just keeps disappearing from the chart.



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