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Trading Automation has become a very important topic in the last few years, the majority of trades are in fact performed automatically by computers using complex systems. Retail traders like you and me can automate their trading as well and this is where MQL4TradingAutomation.com comes to help.

The purpose of MQL4TradingAutomation.com is to help the trader in learning, or improving, Trading Automation skill using MQL Language, the proprietary Language of the MetaTrader platform.

Example of MQL Code

MQL is a great language which allows you to create custom tools that will improve your trading, it is free and used by the most popular trading platform in the world, MetaTrader, which is why I think it is the perfect starting point for your Trading Automation journey.


If you are new to trading we suggest you to start to be familiar with the MetaTrader platform, visit the MetaTrader Software category to get started. If you have never written code or if you are completely new to MQL I would suggest to check the basic concepts of MQL development, such as variables, operators, functions and so on, in the Basics section. Once you are familiar with MetaTrader and the Basics are clear you can move to the powerful world of:

The differences between the above are covered in the Basics section, but you will be impressed of the tasks you can perform. You will learn how to manage Events, File, Orders and Risk, how to trigger Alerts and Notifications, create Reports, Work with Indicators and Trading Signals and Backtest your Expert Advisors, and many other exciting things.

MetaTrader Sample

We believe that knowing how to code is pointless if the trading skills are poor so you will also find Trading Tips to help you improve your trading fundamentals.

I really hope that you will find useful material in this website, I am convinced that learning about Trading Automation will help you in getting closer to your trading goals, be prepared because it will not be an easy journey, learn how to code requires discipline and commitment, but anyone can do it with the right attitude.

Please feel free to Contact Us should you require any support and we will appreciate any comment and feedback you will want to leave.

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